Ryan Alter Alter Enterprise

Ryan Alter, CEO

The Alter Enterprise Portfolio offers a complete range of modern technology services.

Computer Network Services - We serve Missoula, Montana with a broad range of computer network services including Professional Network Installation, Management and Repair. LAN, WAN, Hardware moves, add-ons and changes. Maintenance Services, Field Repair and Software Upgrades. We also provide secure cloud backup solutions.

Video Conference Studios & Classroom Lectures – InspiredClassroom.com offers unique, engaging one hour national standard classes via interactive video education to grades K-12. We also partner with local businesses and educational institutions  looking to promote their educational message through video conference technology.

Wildlife Conservation and Education – Ryan Alter, CEO of Alter Enterprise is the inventor and patent holder of the Automated Bear Trap. This trap is designed to promote conservation and education of grizzlies in Montana. This special trap is technology enabled with camera, web automation, temperature sensors and lights.

Energy Monitoring - Designer of the eDriver made specifically for eGauge. The eDriver is the ideal tool for feeding data into dashboards or for supplying energy consultants with the real time information they need to educate and inform a client regarding a building energy usage.

Alter Enterprise is a diverse technology company that works very hard at being a thought leader. We are continually learning and growing in this fast paced industry. Have a question? We would like to hear from you!

Automated Bear Trap
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