Ryan Alter Alter Enterprise

Ryan Alter, CEO

Alter Enterprise offers a complete range of modern technology services.

We serve Missoula, Montana with a broad range of computer network services including Professional Network Installation, Management and Repair. LAN, WAN, Hardware moves, add-ons and changes. Maintenance Services, Field Repair and Software Upgrades. We also provide secure cloud backup solutions.

Alter Enterprise’s installation expertise makes it easy to add or upgrade your network equipment. We are the IT company in Missoula, Montana for small to medium size businesses that cannot afford to have their own IT staff or for larger firms needing supplemental assistance for their existing IT departments. We are computer networking experts who will help you gain faster deployment and give you confidence that it will be done correctly with minimal disruption to your business.

Alter Enterprise offers hardware services (WAN, LAN) including installation, transfers, addons and troubleshooting. Our network installation and repair is professional and competed in a timely manner. We are experts in problem resolution and offer maintenance services/contracts, field repair and software upgrades. Alter Enterprise also offers a cloud based backup system for easy data management and storage. Data backup services are offered on a month to month or on a yearly contract. Please contact us at 406.549.2526 for more information. We are a full service IT department for small to medium businesses in Missoula.