Benefits of a Hosted Exchange

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Missoula Hosted exchange

What is a Hosted Exchange?

Hosted exchange is defined as a particular service in the industry of telecommunications whereby providers make Microsoft space and email box available on servers so that clients can host their exclusive data on the server. The provider is responsible for managing hosted data of clients on the specific server.

Why is it important?

Clients can access their address book, emails, documents and task management anywhere through various compatible media. Emails are routed to mobile phone or laptop via push technology. The prerequisite for the utilization of this exclusive function is a hosted exchange server.

Since hosted exchange email servers enable users to access and update their email accounts on any web-enabled gadget, be it a mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, this has become an ultimately useful tool most especially to medium and small business organizations that do not have the resources for a dedicated email server.

Benefits of a Hosted Exchange

  • Anytime Access 

When you want to access all of your calendar, email and contacts on the road or in the office, you can rely on a hosted exchange server. Many medium and small businesses have found a hosted exchange server to be necessary and beneficial in today’s competitive marketplace. A hosted exchange server is an excellent choice. This option enables businesses to share essential server resources more practically; including technical support to ensure that emails are running all the time.

  • Protects Customers and Business from Hackers

Malware and spam can actually cripple business and put customers in compromise through scraping, slowdowns, valuable data stealing and more. Outsourcing emails to a hosted exchange server protects individuals and businesses from spam, security threats, version migrations and handheld integration.

  • Shared and Integrated Access Increase Productivity

A hosted exchange server that is fully integrated provides businesses with solutions like shared access to essential company tools for productivity like emails, contacts, calendars and to do lists. These shared resources can be accessed from desktops, laptops, cell phones and many other mobile devices allowing employees to get the job done anywhere and anytime. Today, business individuals no longer need to tie themselves to their desktop computers.


Many companies are now using advanced versions of hosted exchange services as their collaboration and email platform. Hosted exchange delivers timely and efficient access not only to very important emails, but also to tasks, calendars and contacts. With a hosted exchange, information has become available anytime and regardless of location.

When shopping for a hosted exchange server, there are essential things to look for and these include certified staff, automated exchange on server administration, flexible plans, data recovery and backup, performance management, version management, problem determination and many more. Be mindful about these matters to make sure that you will end up with a hosted exchange server that you can take full advantage of. For more information on hosted exchange in Missoula, MT please contact Ryan Alter


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