Alter Enterprise Offers Email Encryption

Email Encryption Overview
Alter Enterprise makes it easy to send secure, encrypted messages to anyone, no matter what email system they use. Password-protected, secure web portal access ensures delivery integrity
and confidentiality. Once a message is delivered, the recipient must login to retrieve it. The service is administered via a Management Console where a dashboard tab shows real-time information,
a Message List tab that provides a comprehensive audit trail of every message, and a Reporting tab that shows useful information for current and prior months that can be saved as a PDF for later use. There are also tabs for Rules Management and Exempt List.

Email Encryption Solution
When an email user is subscribed to our service, each outgoing message is scanned by a content filtering engine. The filtering engine checks for “Secure:” in the Subject: field as well as any other Available Rules or Custom Rules to which the client is subscribed. The email is encrypted, stored in a secure server, and a notification is sent to the recipient(s) that a secure email is available for viewing. The notified recipient must then click on the link and is taken via SSL, a secure Web communications protocol, to a registration page to create login credentials, or a login page if previously registered. The server infrastructure is well-protected inside our secure data center by multiple layers of intrusion defense systems. Your administrator has access to our portal to review important information about all users’ activity and can access some useful configuration features there as well. If the client is subscribed to our Email Archive service, all messages including replies are stored for compliance purposes.

Benefits Email Encryption

The infrastructure requires no software at your location. Which means no software to install or public/private keys to keep track of.

A variety of tracking and reporting capabilities including:

  • Daily Message Volumes
  • Top Senders
  • Message Details
  • Subscribed Senders

Know who is sending and be able to provide tracking on all secure emails for reporting and compliance purposes.

Encrypted handling of all sensitive content determined by rules covering:

  • Senders
  • Number Formats and Keywords
  • Recipients or Domain
  • Document Types

A variety of rules to be able to flag a message as secure. Prevents people from sending our secure data such as SSN and Credit Card numbers without it first
being sent securely.

Secure facility for recipients to “reply to” the secure message.

The recipient of a secure email can only reply back to the sender. They can not forward the message or copy anybody else to keep your message secure.