Ryan AlterRyan Alter, Founder and CEO

Ryan founded alter enterprise LLC in 2008, recognizing a need for an innovative, service-focused technology firm in the Missoula Community. After earning a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Youngstown State University, he joined the Biology Department at the University of Montana in 1998, eventually serving as UM’s Director of Academic Information Technology.

Ryan holds these certifications:

  • Microsoft Windows Certified Trainer
  • CCNA
  • Network Security
  • Niagara


Stephanie AlterStephanie Alter, COO

Harvard Business Review writes that there is no modern definition for a COO. They state that COOs are hired to fill one (or more) of seven different roles.  In reviewing the article I discovered my role described as “The other half”. I found this ironic, since I am married to the CEO.
“The other half” is defined “not as a mentor, but as a foil”. My practical business knowledge compliments the CEO’s business acumen, style and vision.
Sharing the Alter Enterprise vision has been key to our growth of 40% each year for the past three years. Trust in the vision is an integral part of working together. I am responsible for many roles inside the company. My greatest strength lies in the creation and implementation of processes. It is with mindful and direct communication that we, the COO and CEO, discuss the company’s future path.
Another key to our success is very clearly defined roles. My value lies in metrics, attention to detail and processes. The CEO excels at overall company management, sales and vision.  The article also shares that “COOs have been hard to investigate in any scientific sense”. I whole heartily agree with this. I have talked with many COOS and each COO is unique to their role in their company. However, even in our uniqueness, I have found my fellow COOs and I have several things in common.
• We know what we do best. We strive to do it every day for the betterment of our team and our company.
• We are detail oriented. There is a passion for all things organized.
• We struggle with the burden foresight. Sometimes we can see situations emerging before the CEO can recognize them and although we communicate the potential obstacles, the CEO cannot see it until it actually happens.
• And lastly, we support the CEO all the way, even if he or she does not fully agree with our views or ideas on a particular process or idea.

I recommend reading the full article at: www.hbr.org/2006/05/second-in-command-the-misunderstood-role-of-the-chief-operating-officer


MIke HofferMichael Hoffer, Senior Computer Technician

Mike brings over 17 years of IT experience to the alter enterprise team, providing desktop support, server and network configuration and maintenance, and remote help desk assistance. He manages Active Directory and Exchange 2003 and 2007 and supports industry-specific software for medical practices, graphic designers, law firms and financial professionals. He configures and maintains the following Windows Servers: Small Business 2008 and 2003; Windows 2012, 2008 and 2003 servers and Microsoft SQL 2005; as well as supporting Mac OSX clients and servers. Mike works with remote access and virtual options including Remote Desktop, and remote help desk assistance.

Mike holds these certifications:

  • Microsoft Windows Certified Trainer
  • Network Security


Mae MoralesMae Morales, Senior Computer Technician

Mae’s problem solving and troubleshooting strengths, combined with over 25 years experience in computer service give her the depth of knowledge necessary to plan, implement and maintain networks, hardware, software, and security and disaster recovery products, as well as securely integrate servers, workstations, police field units and mobile computing devices. She has excellent working knowledge of LANs, WANs, and WWANs and related security protocols and is thoroughly versed in Windows Server Operating Systems, ranging from NT through Server 2012, including all versions of Small Business Server through 2011, Desktops Windows 8, 7, XP, and earlier. She has experience with MAC OS, IBM AS400 and 3270 emulation software, Samba, Linux, and CentOS operating systems and their integration into Windows environments. Mae is proficient with Microsoft Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, MS SQL, Symantec Endpoint Protection, as well as MS Office, Corel WordPerfect, Quickbooks and many other retail and custom software packages.


John Grove, Senior Computer Technician

John has led projects associated with enhancements, upgrade / patching, and implementation of new or existing software solutions. He has also installed, supported and maintained wide range of IT services and applications, collected customer requirements, performed risk management functions, managed change requests, formulated action plans, monitored quality, and ensured timely project completion.

John holds these certifications:

  • MCSE NT4.0
  • Win2K
  • Win2k3
  • CCNA
  • Citrix
  • HP EVA
  • RightFax
  • VMWare
  • Solaris Sysadmin I & II


Tyler PennewillTyler Pennewill, Computer Technician

Tyler earned a degree in Information Technology with a focus in Network Management from the Missoula College at the University of Montana. He also has his CompTIA Network+ certification and is pursuing his CCNA certification as well.

Tyler holds these certifications: CCNA, Network Security



Edward Young, Computer Technician

Edward is a self-motivated network administrator who has over 5 years’ experience troubleshooting Windows, Linux, and OSX workstations.

Edward holds these certifications: CompTIA A+, NetPlus



Dania ChavezDania Chavez, Sales/Admin Support Specialist

Dania Chavez was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She joined Alter Enterprise in 2015 as an experienced technical dispatcher. Dania has been tasked with filling the diverse role of Administrative Support within our company. Her role of dispatcher, vendor coordinator, office support and all around awesomeness is key to our company’s overall success. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, Netflix marathons, and taking her son to the park. “It’s exciting to be a part of such a successful company that cares so much about the client and also helps with wildlife education.” – Dania


Amber Sienknecht, Customer Service Coordinator/Dispatch

Amber is the first point of contact for the customer experience. She represents our company’s brand by providing excellent customer service.  She builds trust with our clients by scheduling timely responsiveness to achieve timely project completion.


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