At Alter Enterprise, we use advanced video teleconferencing techniques to bring your meetings to life.

Alter Enterprise LLC has installed videoconferencing technologies and systems at numerous locations; including: professional businesses, State Parks, and mobile classrooms. We are Montana’s leader in providing managed solutions for today’s conferencing and collaboration technologies. We can help your organization save time and money by optimizing your business communications environment.

Conference from:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Desktop
  • Phone

Alter Enterprise transforms ordinary conference rooms into world class video collaborations. Our conference room engineers optimize your space, screen placement, and sound systems in the most ergonomic and fluid positions to maximize viewing and sound exposure.

Alter Enterprise stays on the forefront of the video teleconferencing industry by using the most advanced equipment, including high quality high definition TV displays, high definition cameras that give you the clearest image possible based on your lighting situation and broadband capabilities.

We stand behind our video conference systems. From the initial site survey to the final video conference installation, we continually communicate with you to ensure that your needs are met. We also provide training, maintenance and support so that you can fully benefit from all facets of the equipment.

Some contractors offer pre-packaged, “one size fits all” systems that are sold primarily on price. However, this approach leaves many customers with a system that doesn’t fully meet their needs and may even cost too much.

Alter Enterprise is a “solutions provider”. We offer systems that are custom-designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our solutions approach is effective and cost-efficient. Each client receives a system designed to fit their specific needs.

More than 90 percent of those who regularly use video to collaborate are experiencing higher productivity, better teamwork, financial savings and reduced travel expenses, according to a worldwide survey commissioned by Polycom and conducted by Quocirca.